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Desktop Showcase - Overview

The Desktop Showcase provides demonstrations for the key features available in the ICEfaces ACE and ICECORE components.

ACE Components

The ACE Components (ICEfaces Advanced Components) utilize a blend of server-side and client-based rendering techniques to provide a rich, responsive user-experience with reduced network and server-processing requirements.

Key features:

  • • Leverage powerful JavaScript components from 3rd-party libraries, such as jQuery, while shielding ICEfaces application developers from having to learn/use JavaScript directly.
  • • Support extensive client-side functionality to improve component richness, responsiveness, and scalability.
  • • Provide a flexible and consistent approach to UI theming/skinning across all components, based on jQuery ThemeRoller themes.

The ACE Component containers and dialogs are best-suited for desktop or tablet platforms. All other ACE components are also generally suitable for use on mobile devices such as smart-phones and are intended to be used in a mix-and-match fashion together with the MOBI (Mobile) components to provide comprehensive support for authoring mobile web-applications.

ICECORE Components

The ICECORE Components (ICEfaces Core Components) are a set of none-visual utililities that provide ready solutions for common problems in many JSF applications.

These components work at the ICEfaces framework level and can be used in conjunction with any supported JSF components, on all platforms (Desktop or Mobile).

How are the Components Licensed?

The ACE Components are made available under the Apache License Version 2 open source License. All code modifications and component enhancements are free for developers to use, distribute and modify.