ICEfaces Mobile Components Showcase

ICEfaces Mobile (MOBI) components provide mobile-specific component functionality including:

  • Layout and Navigation controls that simplify mobile UI layouts, and give you a variety of ways to present and navigate content. Adaptive page layouts automatically adjust to different classes of devices, from desktops and tablets, to smartphones, so you can design pages that are automatically optimized for different form factors.
  • Dynamic Input and Selection controls that interactively collect data from the user, including button, date/time spinner, flip-switch, geolocation, and camera, to name a few. HTML5 input types are leveraged where supported, with JavaScript controls substituted on platforms where they are not.

The MOBI components provide powerful mobile-specific functionality that when combined with the ACE and ICECORE components provide a comprehensive JSF component solution for desktop and mobile web-applications.

See the Desktop Showcase for more information.