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ace:gMapServices - Overview

Directions are a subset of the <ace:gMapService> component, allowing for the display of directions using multiple forms of transport over a user-defined set of waypoints. Additionally, a variety of options can be added to better customize directional output for your purpses.

Points are seperated by :, and can either be a plain text address, or (lat,long). Transit requests will only work for two point entries.
Options for directions can be found at the google maps API.
A good test of options is using 'optimizeWaypoints:true' and setting several waypoints in a non-logical order; going from London to Moscow to Paris to Berlin is a good example. If optimize waypoint is true, the map should automatically reorder the waypoints(NOT the start/end points) to give the shortest possible route.

Relevant section of the Google Maps API: Directions

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